siti silmina 'izzan

Siti Silmina 'Izzan binti Mohd Pauzi
 January 29, 1996
Super cool sixteen, forever young and sweet
Sekolah Menengah Teknik Alor Setar (outsider)
Currently live in Alor Setar
Going to have my SPM next year, insyaAllah
Nothing can change my love on reading
Obsessed with novels, blouses and pashminas
I have 3 younger sisters and 2 elder sisters, I'm the 3rd one
Relationship status? *troll face*
Hate back-stabbers, hypocrite and bimbos
I hope I can be a professional engineer, one sweet day
Facebook ; Siti Silmina 'Izzan II
Twitter ; Siti Silmina 'Izzan @SilminaShah
I can be your good friend, and I can be the most horrible enemy
I don't really talk to strangers.
Wanna judge me? Who the hell cares.

Siti Sarah 'Izzan, 19 years old
Siti Sufeahani 'Izzan, 18 years old
Siti Surayahani 'Izzan, 11 years old
Siti Syahildahani 'Izzan, 8 years old
Siti Sidratulhani 'Izzan, 6 years old
Hanializa Abdullah, 45 years old
Mohd Pauzi Dun, 46 years old

Dalila Athirah, SMJK Keat Hwa
Syaza Masturina, SMT Seberang Perai
Siti Khadijah, SMJK Keat Hwa
Nur Zuriyaty, SMT Alor Setar
Nur Sarah Afifah, SMT Alor Setar
Hidayatul Walfaizin, SMT Alor Setar
Nur Azah, SMT Alor Setar
Farahana, SMT Alor Setar
Ainun Yasmine, SMT Alor Setar
Ku Nur Farzana, SMT Alor Setar
Nur Liyana, SMT Alor Setar
Nur Ezreen, SMT Alor Setar
Muhammad Anwaruddin Shah, SMT Alor Setar
Muhammad Syafiq, SMK Seberang Perak

My mission is,
10 A's in SPM 2013

I would like to,
Have a big collection of pashminas
Gaining more novels
Stay single as long as I can.

My one and only ambition,

Thanks for reading! =)